Feedback Received

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Latest Feedback Received

From Scott Vaughan, Year 5 teacher in Ynysowen Community School after Comet Chasers engagement over a 3 month period:

1. A fun, interesting and engaging project. The project was carefully designed in a way which allowed EVERY CHILD to access the project content and materials at their own level.

2. All children were able to contribute and participate in each activity.

3. The children were excited and genuinely interested when finding out about our stars and galaxies.

4. Each session was gripping! Helen has excellent presentational skills. She was able to use her knowledge to consistently maintain the interest of the children throughout the whole project.

5. Meeting Paul was lovely and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing what they had both learned and enjoyed throughout the project when delivering their group presentations.

6. Bringing in samples of meteorites was one of the highlights for me. Being able to see these magnificent rocks in person was the icing on the cake!

Overall, I would recommend this project to any school. Even if children have no interest in this field of education, by the end of the project - they will!

And from a pupil : 'The most interesting part was too hard to choose. I would say everything! it's been so fun!!'T

Remote, remote observing

Helen needed some urgent help to make some observations of Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein during half term. Ellis (White Rose Primary School, New Tredegar) and Nia (Idris Davies School, Rhymney) were happy to help, even though they were on holiday! They noticed that the comet had a 'spike' and their observations were used in a research paper Their schools were then included in the credits.

Ellis said "it was very exciting and I loved seeing the things we had found on the pictures"

Nia said "It was really interesting to see the images we had captured and exciting that we had discovered something different"