Observing Comets - with Faulkes Telescope

You can set up comet observations via the 'Queue' system. This can be a very efficient and effective way of obtaining comet (and asteroid) data. The system automatically gets the data for comet positions from the Minor Planet Center's database, so you do not have to worry about it. It also will then follow the comet - tracking at the same rate as the comet moves, rather than the rate the stars apper to move (sidereal rate) . This means you can make longer exposures without the comet's motion blurring the image. (The compromise is that the stars will be trailed instead though, so you might not want to do too long exposures to ensure your analysis program can still measure the stars.)

This functionality is not available in the standard 'simple interface' so there is a one-time change to make in your account settings.


Once you have made this change you will have access to the full functionality needed. The guide below walks you through the set up for comet observations. Please do not be intimidated! it is actually very straightforward.

6. 10 Teacher - Detailed walk through of setting up the Queue for Comets-v2.pdf