Try this at home

Would you like to learn more about comets and asteroids, and galaxies? Here are some fun activities to try.

Introduction to Comets

1.1 Pupil - Comet basic brief-v2.docx

Test your knowledge

1.1 Pupil - Quiz no answers.docx

Here are the answers - how did you do?

1.5 Pupil - Comet on a stick.docx

Get Crafty

Make a Comet on a Stick

1.6 Pupils - Krispy comet cakes.docx

Cook up a Comet

Do some scientific experiments while making and eating crispy comets!

Rosetta paper model.docx

The Adventures of Rosetta and Philae

Learn more about the Rosetta Mission to Cometv67P through these fun cartoons

And make a model of the spacecrafts