Cai Stoddard-Jones wins #PlanetaryScience4All Video Contest 2022

Congratulations Cai!

You can learn more about Cai's research and the comet chasers project in this great little video.

Montgomery School Comet Chasers

Great to see our comet chasers featured in their local paper ( !

Comet Chasers Team at International Planetary Science Conference

September 2022

This week members of the Comet Chasers Team (Helen, Cai, Tony and of course Chury) are at an international conference (EPSC2022) in Granada. They are sharing their experiences of the project and learning from other projects. Additionally they are catching up on all the latest research on comets and asteroids.

It is great to see observations from our schools being featured in presentations and posters.

Data collected on Comet UN271 by St Mary's and Montgomery schools were included in a presentation by Dr Rosita Kokotanekova.

An image by St Mary's school was included in a presentation by Helen Usher on ProAm-Schools collaboration.

Helen also presented the Comet Chaser work she did with Ynysowen Community School for the partial solar eclipse as part of a session looking at live engagement with exciting astronomical events. An image of the DART target asteroid system Didymos and Dimorphos taken by White Rose Primary School New Tredegar was also included.

And finally, lots of schools' contributions in Cai Stoddard-Jones's poster - from St Mary's Bridgend and St Mary the Virgin, Cardiff.

And the Rotato is gathering lots of interest too!

Exciting times!

Comet Chasers - Prague 2022.pptx

Comet Chasers Team present to international conference

The Comet Chasers Team attended the Europlanet Pro-Am Comet Workshop in Prague in June, to present details of the project and its outcomes so far.

The presentation was very well received, with many particpants interested in working with the project in the future.

Already the first module is being translated into Italian for use with schools in Italy in the new school year.

Asteroid/Comet 248370 Observations

Active Asteroid/Comet 248370

Setting up Observations of the object from a classroom

Comet 29P Observations

December 2021

Schools are also involved in making observations for the Mission 29P campaign. Take a look at this interesting object which keeps exploding!

Getting Ready to Chase Some Comets!

July 2021

Children in St Mary's Catholic Primary School Bridgend get briefing on their Comet Chasers Mission!